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BS1 Hifi in-ear Earbud, 5 Hybrid Drivers (4BA+1DD) Earphone

Product Detail


Inside-out melodious performance

A new branded earphone with 4 balanced armature + 1 dynamic  


Biological diaphragm dynamic

Professional 3-level frequency division

Aero-grade aluminium alloy

Oxygen-free copper silver-plated mixed wire

International standard MMCX connector

Five axis CNC

Gorgeous PVD plating

Oxidation resistance, BS1 shines like a jewelry. Lead gray + moonlight silver, two popular colors, colorful blooming



Precise HIFI level acoustic debugging  

Professional 3-level frequency division


Dynamic unit has infectious middle/low frequency and more loose natural characteristics; Balanced armature unit is excellent in analysis, transient, ductility of the middle and high frequency. BS1 is equipped with a combination of single dynamic +4 balanced armatures, through precise electronic frequency division processing to enable each unit to display the full performance.

Mega bass (composite dynamic 1pc)

Vocal details (31735 closed BA 1pc)

Wide field (10016 BA combination 2pcs)

High frequency overtone ( 31735 classic BA 1pc)


Biological diaphragm unit

Alloy conductor coil and large air intake design to highlight the advantage in the sound field, with low frequency energy abundant. The analysis and high frequency are superior thanks to the thin cavity diaphragm like cicada’s wing, natural and lively, free to release.



The combination of balanced armature & dynamic covers medium/high frequency range and above


With customized 10016+31735 BA & dynamic combination, with a wide sound field and powerful analysis, widely adapted to a variety of music styles, suitable for playing large orchestrated symphony, indoor string music, pop music and other types of music





Every detail of the front and rear cavity balance design makes a powerful sound

Through the optimization of internal structure and damping, the air pressure between the front cavity and the back cavity of the speaker is balanced to the best effect, so as to reduce the pressure on the eardrum during listening and make listening more comfortable.



Human ear custom / light wearing with heart rhythm

BS1 adopts standard ergonomic design, it’s worn around the ear and fits the auricle. It’s comfortable as no feeling, lightness and firmness for all day long



Metallic aesthetics / aviation grade aluminum magnesium alloy shell

Through imported five-axis CNC, high-gloss cutting, polishing, PVC coating and other dozens of precision metal process, made with ingenuity, with customized camber edge modeling, create a strong metal texture and masculine toughness.



Detachable connector / exchangeable wire

Adopts the stable expansion type MMCX exchangeable wire design, the equipped standard high purity oxygen free copper silver-plated wire can effectively reduce the distortion, superior configuration of 8 strands of 50 wire core , makes the sound crystal clear.


MMCX connector

Silver plated wire

Aluminum alloy sound mouth, MMCX gold connector, professional metal deconcentrator, 3.5mm gold-plated pin


Product parameter


Model: BS1                                   

Material: CNC aviation aluminum alloyColor: moonlight silver                                     

Type: 1dynamic + 4 balanced armature earhookFrequency response: 20-30KHz                              

Impedance: 16.4±2ΩSensitivity: 104.5±2dB                                     

Distortion rate: ≤0.3% Connector: 3.5mm pin                                      

Wire: 8- strand braided silver-plated wireDriving unit: balanced armature + 10mm dynamic loudspeaker


4BA + 1DD 

Mega bass (composite dynamic 1pc)

Vocal details (31735 closed BA 1pc)

Wide field (10016 BA combination 2pcs)

High frequency overtone ( 31735 classic BA 1pc)

BS1 Hifi in-ear Earbud, 5 Hybrid Drivers (4BA+1DD) Earphone
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