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BS2 Hifi in-ear Earbud, 2 Hybrid Drivers (1BA+1DD) Earphone

Product Detail


1 dynamic + 1 balanced armature earphone

Customized dynamic and BA, composite diaphragm dynamic, electronic double frequency division, interchangeable line MMCX connector, five-axis CNC, aviation grade aluminum PVD coating shell


Ingenuity design

Unique shape, quiet craft, ingenuity design, metallic texture,

phantom Black + moonlight silver, two popular colors, colorful blooming



Focus on performance / exquisite crafts

Dynamic and balanced armature combination / four loudspeakers / double sound effect

Metal case

Dynamic loudspeakers

Balanced armature

Metal mesh plug


A new generation of PU+PEEK double diaphragm

10mm dynamic unit is specially designed for BS2, and each layer of parts is carefully selected. The diaphragm is designed with double cavity structure. With PU+PEE support, three frequencies are overall balanced , medium and high frequency is natural permeability, and deep bass is mellow and haunting.


PU + PEEK double diaphragm

N52 high performance neodymium magnet

Brass gold plated inner cavity

Acoustic damping

Gold plated brass front cover

CCAW coil

Permeability basin



Precision dynamic reduces fine and smooth sound quality

Equipped with the Eod 30095 dynamic component which is mounted on the front end of the earphone through the gold-plated brass mouth, for less high frequency loss and better extension.


Note: The sound parameters are measured by the laboratory of Baisheng Precision. The actual use may vary slightly according to the specific situation.


Closer, sound better 

In the acoustic structure, adopt the mode of sound mouth with the high pitch, thus let the high pitch reduce the reflection in the transmission process, ensure the restoration of high frequency details, and get a better effect in the sense of listening



45 degree oblique angle is worn on the ear with zero pressure


Standard ergonomic design, it’s worn around the ear and fits the auricle. It’s comfortable as no feeling, lightness and firmness for all day long



Aircraft grade aluminum magnesium alloy shell  

CNC fine engraving process


Five-axis CNC fine milling ensures high precision acoustic cavity and catheter structure, multi-layer process is carefully polished, PVD coating treatment, thus to ensure the surface of the earphone to be fine and smooth, with hard texture and skid resistance, effectively avoid cavity harmonic resonance as well.



International standard detachable MMCX connector, exchangeable wire

Adopt stable expansion type MMCX exchangeable wire design, with 4-strand of twin-twisted oxygen free copper wire, covered by transparent TPE outside, make the sound mellow and full, rich in details

MMCX connector

Oxygen-free copper wire



L-shaped elbow / playing games listening to music without hands blocking

3.5mm standard elbow metal pin, more comfortable to play games and watch videos without blocking hands, compatible with mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices

The gold-plated pin is oxygen resistant and rustless.


Product parameter


Model: BS2                                  

Material: CNC aviation aluminum alloyColor: black/silver                                     

Type: 1dynamic 1 balanced armature earhookFrequency response: 20-30KHz                              

Impedance: 38.4±2ΩSensitivity: 108.36±2dB                                     

Distortion rate: ≤0.3% Connector: 3.5mm pin                                      

Wire: TPE-twin oxygen free copper wireDriving unit: balanced armature + 10mm dynamic loudspeaker


BS2 Hifi in-ear Earbud, 2 Hybrid Drivers (1BA+1DD) Earphone
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